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By FITSNews || Republican money man John Cattano abruptly resigned from his brand new post as SCGOP Treasurer last month, the latest shake-up at S.C. Republican party headquarters.  Cattano had been on the job less than two months, and attended only one meeting of the party’s executive committee.

Two months ago, SCGOP executive director Todd Kincannon also resigned from his post after just two months on the job, causing some to question the managerial ability of SCGOP Chairwoman Karen Floyd.

Sources tell FITS that Cattano’s departure was the result of a spat with Floyd, allegations that interim SCGOP executive director Joel Sawyer denied.

“John did a great job as Treasurer, and the decision to step down was completely amicable,” Sawyer told FITS.

Nonetheless, the departure of two of the party’s top staffers after less than two months on the job strikes us as highly unusual, and worthy of further poking-around on our part.