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By FITSNews || The S.C. Democratic Party has recruited not one, but two would-be challengers to U.S. Senator Jim DeMint … at least in the Democratic primary.

Amazingly, a third Democrat is running against DeMint in the Republican primary –  the latest example of how the SCGOP is totally incapable of keeping donkeys out of its big tent (i.e. Hugh Leatherman, Bobby Harrell, Danny Cooper, etc.).

Susan Gaddy – the Charleston attorney who is challenging DeMint for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate – is no RINO, though.  She’s actually a well-known Democrat.  In fact, until recently she was a high-ranking local official in the Berkeley County Democratic Party.  In addition to giving money to several Democratic candidates, Gaddy has also been a vocal supporter of numerous Democratic campaigns – including the campaign of President Barack Obama.

“Barack Obama has detailed a tax plan that would restore some fairness to our American economic system,” Gaddy wrote in a letter to the editor published by her hometown paper in October 2008. “The Obama proposal would benefit millions of South Carolinians – with a $500 per worker, or $1,000 per working family – tax credit. On top of that Obama’s plan would give a $1,000 rebate check to every family to offset the huge increase in energy costs brought to us by the two former oilmen now working in the White House.”

Hmmm … momentarily setting aside the fact that Obama’s middle class “tax cuts” turned out to be pure fiction, does any of Gaddy’s rhetoric sound “Republican” to you?

Of course not – and there’s a good reason for that. Gaddy’s letter to the editor clearly identifies her as “President of the Daniel Island Precinct for the Berkeley County Democratic Party.”

Yeah …

So … how did this happen? How did a candidate like Gaddy manage to sneak into a GOP primary?

“State statute sets forth the requirements for filing,” SCGOP executive director Joel Sawyer told FITS. “It’s not something we have discretion over. But given her history with the Democratic party, if she is a Republican it’s a recent phenomenon.  Or maybe she just filed at the wrong headquarters.”

Anyway, given DeMint’s strong support among tea party activists, rank-and-file Republicans and independent voters, he’s unlikely to be defeated by anybody – in a primary or a general election.  Still, though … weird.

Oh … in case you were wondering, Vic Rawl and Alvin M. Greene are the two candidates competing for the Democratic nomination.

No Republicans filed in that contest …