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battle of lexington

By FITSNews || Democrats have formed a new political action committee aimed at keeping Tea Party candidates from being elected in 2010.

What’s it called? The “Patriot Majority PAC,” ironically.

“We are asking all Americans to join us and oppose the extreme tactics of the tea party and the dangerous ideas behind them,” said longtime Democratic political operative Paul Varoga, who is heading up the PAC.

Wait … dangerous ideas? Isn’t the Tea Party fighting for pretty much the same ideas the country was founded on (i.e. life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, etc.)?  Since when did those ideas become dangerous?  And since when did it become “patriotic” to oppose them?

Anyway, according to Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post, the new “Patriot Majority” PAC will funnel money into 12-15 different races – including a contentious GOP Senate primary in Kentucky, where tea party favorite Rand Paul is running against an establishment Republican named Trey Grayson.  Paul is the son of Texas Congressman Ron Paul.