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By FITSNews || Sensing an electoral gold mine, South Carolina Republicans are looking for ways to put “Obamacare” on the statewide ballot in November.

In fact, legislative sources tell FITS that a ballot question could eventually emerge from a trio of bills already moving through the S.C. General Assembly – specifically three separate pieces of legislation sponsored by Reps. Jeff Duncan and Tim Scott and State Sen. Mick Mulvaney.

“I suspect one of those – likely (Duncan’s) – will be amended to serve as the vehicle,” the source said.

All three conservative Republicans – and Congressional candidates – are sponsoring legislation that includes ballot language aimed at blocking the implementation of various provisions of Obamacare in the Palmetto State.  Each of these bills could be amended to specifically address the version of the legislation that the President signed into law on Tuesday.

To take a look at the three bills that could form the basis of the eventual ballot question, click on any of the links below …

H. 4240 (Duncan)
H. 4181 (Scott)
S. 1010 (Mulvaney)