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By FITSNews || With Sunday’s vote on President Barack Obama’s latest socialized medicine bill looming in the U.S. House of Representatives, supporters and opponents of this latest (and perhaps greatest) big government monstrosity are feverishly counting heads.

Seriously, people … this thing could be decided by literally one or two votes.

In fact, assuming every member of the U.S. House (which has lost four members since the 220-215 tally in November) votes as they did four months ago, the measure will pass by one vote – 216-215.

Obviously, that’s not going to happen, though.  Numerous “no’s” have switched to “yes,” and vice versa – and many lawmakers remain uncommitted.  According to an analysis conducted by the Washington Post, as many as 64 out of 435 votes are currently undecided – including U.S Rep. John Spratt (D-South Carolina), who voted for a similar proposal in November.

Of course, the supposedly “undecided” Spratt just happens to be the lead sponsor of the latest version of the $2.5 trillion monstrosity, which would seem to indicate where he is going to wind up on the legislation.  Spratt also voted in favor of the bill earlier this week at the committee level.

However, despite the large number of “undecideds,” most whip counters are currently showing “for” and “against” counts of around 208 votes each, which means that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi must find eight additional votes between now and Sunday.

One recent whip count even showed the bill down by seven votes, 219-212.

Obviously, this is going to be one of the most important votes in the history of the American republic.

Let’s just hope enough moderate Democrats are willing to stand up to the socialist horde …

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