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unemployment rate september 09

By FITSNews || South Carolina’s unemployment rate remained stuck at 12.6 percent in January – a record-high – although the figure technically represents only a slight increase from December’s rate, which was was revised downward to 12.4 percent.

Obviously, South Carolina is benefiting from the same unemployment “adjustments” that masked a jump in the nation’s unemployment (and under-employment) rate last month.

The Palmetto State’s unemployment rate remains the fourth-highest in America.

According to data released by the embattled S.C. Employment Security Commission, the state’s economy shed another 4,600 jobs in January (pushing the total number of statewide, recession-era job losses to 114,500).  That means a record 273,455 South Carolinians are out of work – and that’s before you start counting the state’s “under-employed.”

For the first time since the recession began, government jobs saw a sharp decline in January – down by 4,500.  Of course, the total number of government jobs (354,300) is still up – by 5,100 positions – from January 2009.

Unemployment data for February will be released in two weeks.

January 2010 S.C. Unemployment Data