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By FITSNews || Clemson handed out $1.4 million in annual pay raises to its football coaches on Wednesday – a day after University President James Barker told the school’s faculty that some academic programs and teaching positions were likely going to be eliminated in the coming months due to budget cuts.

Barker’s administration – which has made out very, very well during the recent recession – wasn’t immediately available to comment on the discrepancy, but a candidate for the school’s Board of Trustees called the situation “appalling.”

“What message is this sending about Clemson University’s priorities?” Clemson professor John C. Bednar told FITS. “All of us in the educational world have struggled to find the proper balance between athletics and academics, but this is going too far in one direction.”

Clemson gave a $900,000 raise to head coach William C. “Dabo” Swinney, who finished his first full season in Tigertown with a 9-5 record.  That brings Swinney’s annual salary to $1.75 million.  The school also doled out $495,000 in raises to assistant coaches, including a $200,000 raise for second-year defensive coordinator Kevin Steele.

A day before announcing these bonuses, Barker met with faculty leaders and told them that budget cuts were coming – and that those cuts were likely to impact programs and teaching jobs.

According to the Anderson Independent-Mail, Barker said that in managing those cuts that “the university should protect the education of students.”

Hmmmm …

Like other “higher educrats,” Barker’s administration has been bitching and moaning about budget cuts (which his staff has been immune from, incidentally) despite the fact that Clemson’s total budget has been soaring during the ongoing recession.

Clemson has also more than tripled its tuition costs under Barker’s reign.

Clemson Coaching Raises
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