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gresham barrett chamber endorsement

By FITSNews || Last September, we wrote a story describing how U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett missed a vote censuring his South Carolina colleague – U.S. Rep. Addison Graves “Joe” Wilson – because he was too busy schmoozing with a bunch of liberal, pro-bailout lobbyists at a South Carolina Chamber of (Cough) “Commerce” fundraiser.

Forgotten about that?

Here’s a refresher.

Obviously we didn’t (and don’t) give a rat’s rear end about Barrett missing the Wilson vote, but we did (and do) feel it was important to remind people of Barrett’s proximity to these so-called “business leaders.” Seriously, beneath their “captains of industry” veneer, these people are nothing more than big government apologists who consistently sell out small businesses (the real job creators in this state) on behalf of their bureaucratic BFF’s.

Oh, and “too big to fail” tax breaks that nobody else gets.

Anyway …

“It’s no secret that the Chamber will be endorsing Barrett in the 2010 GOP gubernatorial primary,” we wrote at the time.

Well, on Tuesday the S.C. Chamber of (Cough) Commerce formally endorsed Barrett, no doubt as payback for his flip-flop on former President George W. Bush’s TARP bailout.

You know, it’s sad.  It used to mean something when the biggest “business” lobby in the state weighed in on the Republican gubernatorial contest.


All it means is that voters should run like hell from the candidate they’re endorsing.

Of course the Chamber’s endorsement of Barrett makes sense – after all, his “jobs plan” includes plenty of new bureaucratic positions (just no tax cuts or reductions in spending).

“Bailout Barrett” and the S.C. “Chamber of Communism” … that’s a combination that should keep South Carolina broke and out of work for a long time to come …