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By FITSNews || U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham is the beneficiary of a new statewide radio advertisement thanking him for his “leadership” on climate change legislation, the Columbia, S.C. Free Times is reporting – but the group paying for the advertisement appears to be part of the same old liberal network Graham has been relying on to mount his public defense on this controversial issue.

The radio ad – narrated by former Methodist pastor Wiley Cooper – cost $10,000 to produce and is paid for by the American Values Network, which bills itself as “a faith-based issues advocacy group.”

“All across the globe, climate change is devastating the lives of millions and contributing to political unrest that threatens our national security,” Rev. Cooper says in the ad. “Now more than ever, we need leaders who will look for solutions instead of excuses. Thank you, Senator Graham.”

Ummm … okay.

First of all, the “science” behind climate change has completely unraveled in recent months, with even the head of the controversial United Nations climate change panel now reversing himself and claiming that there has been no “statistically significant warming” over the last fifteen years.  Also, the massive energy tax that President Barack Obama, Sen. John Kerry and Graham have been advancing to “combat” climate change is deader than a doornail, which even Obama has acknowledged (hence his attempts to achieve by EPA regulation what he couldn’t achieve by legislation).

Accordingly, this ad is all about protecting Lindsey Graham, who has seen his political fortunes plummet in the Palmetto State as a result of carrying Obama’s water on this issue.

Obviously, previous “Republican” efforts to shore up support for Graham have been exposed by FITS as nothing more than “money dumps” from radical environmentalists (click here, here, here and here if you want to read the meticulously-documented stories exposing that scam).  In fact, Graham’s supporters were even forced to change the name of one of the organizations attempting to pay for these ads after FITS began poking around into its ties to some donors on the far, far left of the political spectrum.

So … where is the money for this scam … err ad … coming from?

We’ve got our people looking into the funding sources for the “American Values Network,” and we will be sure to let you know what we find.

In the meantime, the Free Times report gives a clue as to what we might uncover:

The American Values Network also has another South Carolina connection. Former South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Don Fowler is part of its national advocacy committee.

Hmmm …

Also, it didn’t take us long to locate a story in which the Washington D.C.-based spokeswoman for the “American Values Network,” Kristin Williams, was also providing commentary on behalf of another “faith-based” group – this one fighting for Obama’s socialized medicine proposal:

Kristin Williams, spokeswoman for the Washington-based group, said (its) religious leaders were trying to curtail the despair that rose on Capitol Hill as Democrats lost their filibuster-proof majority in Congress with Republican Scott Brown’s Senate victory in Massachusetts.

Again, hmmmm …

Like the so-called “national security” organization that was originally responsible for the pro-Graham television ads last fall (a group which was “formed out of the ashes” of John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign), “Faith in Public Life” was also created “following the 2004 election, in which faith was often deployed in service of a narrow and partisan agenda.”

Bottom line?

These are liberal front groups seeking to masquerade as “national defense” and “faith-based” organizations to make their message more appealing to, say, South Carolina Republicans.

American Values Network
Faith In Public Life