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By FITSNews || Morgan Bruce Reeves, a former professional football player with the Baltimore Colts, will run for governor of South Carolina as an independent.

In fact, Reeves says he has already collected the 10,000 signatures needed to place his name on the ballot.

From The (Columbia, S.C.) Free Times:

Standing behind a podium in a dark pin-striped suit and orange-tinted glasses, Reeves blasted members of the media, lobbyists, banks and big businesses for having too much to say over who becomes governor.

“They buy a lot of ads and show them on TV,” he said. “After a while you don’t know who’s running for governor, all you see is who can afford to be played on TV.”

Traditional campaign tactics by political party members also drew his fire, to the apparent appreciation of those present who clapped loudly as his voice became louder.

“You got people around here who serve in office in our state [and they can] walk out here and get three or four million dollars to campaign and you and I can’t even go to the bank and borrow three or four dollars,” he thundered. “But in three or four months they got three or four million bucks … and want you to re-elect them again. So I decided to run for governor to let the other half of the community have a voice. Because we don’t have a voice.”

The Irmo businessman – who was raised in the Midlands – says he will campaign in a recreational vehicle (hopefully one that runs better that S.C. Superintendent of Education Jim Rex’s “Fail-mobile“), possibly with his friend Magic Johnson, former NBA superstar.

Reeves becomes the ninth candidate seeking the governor’s office, joining Republicans Gresham Barrett, Andre Bauer, Nikki Haley and Henry McMaster and Democrats Dwight Drake, Robert Ford, Jim Rex and Vincent Sheheen.

Former NFL Player Set For Grassroots Gubernatorial Run