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john spratt

By FITSNews || S.C. Sen. Mick Mulvaney blasted fourteen-term incumbent Democrat John Spratt for refusing to take a stand against corrupt Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel (D-New York), who has temporarily stepped down from his powerful chairmanship pending ongoing investigations into his numerous ethical lapses.

“Other Democrats – independent thinkers – have already taken the difficult but courageous step to go against Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi and do the right thing,” Mulvaney said. “Why hasn’t Congressman Spratt?”

Indeed, Spratt – who voted with Pelosi and the Democratic leadership in Washington 97.8 percent of the time last year, according to the Washington Post – has been a consistent Rangel supporter, voting twice to keep him in office over the last twelve months despite mounting evidence of Rangel’s impropriety (see roll call votes here and here).

Rangel was publicly admonished last week by the House Ethics Committee for accepting corporate-funded trips to the Caribbean.  He is still being investigated on several more serious charges, included failure to report income on his tax returns.

Mulvaney said he believed part of Spratt’s motivation not to join the growing chorus of Democrats opposing Rangel was simple Washington arithmetic.

“While John Spratt has been busy passing budgets with trillion dollar deficits, Charlie Rangel has been busy passing the tax hikes to pay for them,” he said.

Once viewed as a moderate Democrat, Spratt has lurched to the left in recent years.

For example, he voted in favor of President Barack Obama’s $787 billion bureaucratic bailout as well as a “cap and trade” energy tax hike and most recently, Obama’s socialized medicine plan.

(See the Congressional record of Spratt’s votes in favor of those items by clicking here, here and here).

Spratt also voted for another round of bureaucratic bailouts last December, and along with Rangel has been pushing for the largest debt hike in U.S. history.