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By FITSNews || Having officially lost his political testicles thanks to the Maria Belen Chapur scandal last summer (ponder that irony for a moment), S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford is “walking humbly” with Palmetto State lawmakers this year in an attempt to pass a few scraps of his once-ambitious legislative agenda.

In other words, he’s taking what the legislative branch is giving him, Shawshank-style.

The latest example of the governor’s “Ben Dover-age?”

Sanford has decided to “single out and applaud” S.C. Speaker Bobby Harrell for his “persistence and commitment to restructuring.”

What did Harrell do exactly?

Yeah … he gave Sanford the single most pointless (and powerless) piece of his government restructuring proposals, a bill that would allow S.C. voters to choose whether or not they continue to independently elect candidates to the utterly and completely inconsequential S.C. Secretary of State’s office.

Woot-woot! Yay “government restructuring,” right?



This isn’t a victory for the taxpayers or good government advocates –  in fact, it’s not a victory at all.  And Sanford’s contention that this move will “go a long way toward increasing accountability across state government” is about as accurate as his “I was hiking the Appalachian Trail” comment.

For those of you who’ve forgotten, Sanford’s original restructuring platform would have left only the office of Attorney General independently elected. Governors and Lt. Governors would have run on the same ticket while the State Treasurer, Superintendent of Education, Adjutant General, Agriculture Commissioner, Comptroller General and yes, the Secretary of State, would have been folded into the Governor’s Cabinet.

Much more importantly, however (at least from the taxpayers’ perspective), Sanford’s original restructuring plan would have also consolidated the state’s eight health care delivery agencies and scrapped the wasteful S.C. Budget and Control Board, a giant, five-headed monster of an administrative agency that is unique to our ass-backward state.

Of course, Sanford got none of that … which is why he’s going to such lengths to take credit for this legislative backwash.

In fact, the cost of putting this ridiculous question on the statewide ballot means this latest experiment in “government by musical chairs” will probably end up being a net loss for S.C. taxpayers.