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gresham barrett

By FITSNews || In one of those “Bizarro” moments that doesn’t make sense until you look at it upside down, U.S. Rep Gresham Barrett was named a “Taxpayers’ Friend” on Thursday by the National Taxpayers’ Union (NTU) – a group that clearly needs to rethink its definition of the word “friend.”

Barrett, FITS readers will recall, (in)famously flip-flopped on the original Bush bailout – a decision that continues to haunt his campaign.

Nonetheless … he still manages to fool just enough D.C. insiders so that they’ll issue meaningless endorsements like this one, ostensibly on behalf of “hundreds of thousands of members.”

“If every Member of Congress was as principled as Gresham Barrett, current and future generations of Americans could enjoy much lower taxes and a less wasteful government,” NTU President Duane Parde said. “Hard-working families in South Carolina and across the nation owe Gresham a debt of gratitude for his effort on their behalf. Gresham Barrett has truly earned the title ‘Taxpayers’ Friend.'”

Ummm, really?

In addition to his bailout flip-flop, Barrett has also been busted sending out political propaganda on the taxpayer dime. And sure … they “all do it” in Washington, D.C. but aren’t “Taxpayer Friends” supposed to be held to a higher standard?

More substantially, Barrett’s recently-released “jobs” plan included no tax relief – but did create several dozen new bureaucratic positions.

Again, what’s taxpayer friendly about that?

Also, Barrett has missed some pretty important votes peddling his pablum (and some unimportant ones) … more votes than any one in Washington, in fact …