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san fran recycling

By FITSNews || By now, everybody has gotten a good chuckle – or grumble – out of the Audi “Green Police” Super Bowl ad.

Frankly, we grumbled – but that had more to do with the fate of our beloved Indianapolis Colts than it did with our views on the (intentionally?) ambiguous ad.

Anyway, in the clip, a hyper-militant ecological police force arrests citizens for offenses ranging from installing the wrong light bulb to choosing plastic bags at the grocery store.

In fact, take a look …

Okay, if you ask us it’s funny … and totally open to interpretation.

Now … let’s snap back to reality for a moment, shall we?

Is stuff like that ever going to, you know, actually happen?

In a word … yes.

In fact, shortly before the bottom fell out of the global warming movement, the city of San Francisco implemented one of the nation’s most aggressive “Green Police” laws – what some are calling the first step toward the mythical “Green State” portrayed in the Audi ads.

Signed into effect by Mayor Gavin Newsom last June, the law requires San Francisco residents and businesses to separate their recyclables and compost material from normal trash – oh, and to pick up the tab for the color-coded containers needed to correctly categorize all that garbage.

Residents and businesses unable to comply with the “mandate” were required to write a note to the city “explaining why it is unfeasible.”

Those who failed to comply were to be subject to fines, although city officials tried to ease into that new reality …

“While there are fines associated with noncompliance of the recycling and composting ordinance, fines are not expected to be handed out except in extreme cases,” city leaders said.  “The potential for fines is meant to increase awareness and add a sense of urgency to the matter, but they will only be implemented after repeated notices and phone calls. Additionally, a moratorium on fines is in effect until 2011.”


It goes without saying everyone should recycle – and separate their compost material, if possible.  In fact, we should always do what’s best for the environment wherever and whenever we can, people – but not because government mandates it.

We should do it because the creator of this little blue and green space marble mandates it.