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By FITSNews || In the history of pointless wastes of oxygen, we were 100 percent sure that a recent SCGOP Republican “goobernatorial” debate had raised (well, lowered) the bar to an unattainable height (err, depth).

Seriously, people … in case you haven’t been following the 2010 GOP gubernatorial primary in South Carolina (and judging by the traffic our posts on this race have generated, you haven’t), relax – you haven’t missed a thing.


Not a damn thing.

In fact, the recent “meeting of the Republican minds” in Charleston was a complete and total joke before, during and after – one of the lamest excuses for a “debate” we’ve ever seen in our lives.

Yet just when we thought that South Carolina’s political discourse could sink no further, along comes another debate, this one between Foghorn Leghorn (a.k.a. S.C. Attorney General and Guffawer-in-Chief, Henry McMaster) and Mr. Tin Foil Head (a.k.a. Minister of Academic Failure and Non-Competition, Jim Rex).

And get this … they’ve even got a washed-up, unemployed Unabomber look-alike to moderate this “forum.”

Is this for real?

Amazingly, yes.

Although while technically “happening,” this debate is really nothing more than an excuse for McMaster and Rex to pretend they are frontrunners for the upcoming fall campaign, which conveniently ignores the fact that Rex is broke and McMaster is a friggin’ retard.

Seriously … this is no Hegelian dialectic. In fact, we’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts these three gomers couldn’t even tell you who Hegel is … or what “dollars to doughnuts” means.

We’d be shocked if McMaster could even identify a doughnut, well beyond grunting and pointing down his throat.

Speaking of, instead of attending this debate we’ll be making “goo goo ga ga” with Sic Willie’s baby girl (while his German Shepherd whines in the background) – a “conversation” that is infinitely more likely to produce a solution to South Carolina’s current Medicaid disaster than these idjits trying to impress each other with their talking point memorization skills.

McMaster, Rex and Warthen?

Welcome to the Special Olympics of “duh”bating!