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george michael

By FITSNews || We get asked this question a lot by our new readers, and so every once in awhile we like to provide the answer … even though it drives our long-time (notice we didn’t say “old”) readers nuts.

Who does No. 2 work for?

No … that’s not the question.  And for the record, Sic Willie is No. 3 around here (behind Nancy and Mande).

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Ummm … no that’s not it either (and please specify African or European next time).

Is it really that big?

(Yeah … that’s what she said).

No, the question we’re referring to is “what does FITS stand for?”

Well, since you asked, “FITS” stands for “faith in the sound,” which is a lyric from the George Michael song “Freedom ’90.”

You know, this song (with exploding chicks and singing jukeboxes …) …

Errr, sorry … “singing chicks” and “exploding jukeboxes.”

Anyway … what spawned this now infamous bit of lyrical inspiration?  We (honestly) have no clue.  Our founding editor was most likely drunk off his izzass at the time.

Or man-crushing, as he is known to do.

Amazingly, there is another “FITSNews” out there, except that one has a “_” between “FITS” and “News.”

In fact here’s the “other” FITS News, courtesy of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  Their FITS stands for “Flexible Image Transport System,” which is not a George Michael lyric (but is the digital file format that scientists use to share images like those gathered by the insanely expensive Hubble Space Telescope).

So … ta da!