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By FITSNews || Pay attention, ladies …

For the bargain basement price of $5,000, you can say you had sex with former teen heartthrob (and current heroin addict) Leif Garrett. Because that’s allegedly how much it costs to actually have sex with Leif Garrett.

From the greatest website in the history of the internet, WWTDD:

Ian Halperin is a well known Hollywood reporter who routinely reports things that are either categorically untrue or already well known to anyone who pays attention. But he’s also had New York Times bestsellers and his Michael Jackson book was well reviewed by respected sources.

Point being, he was on Opie and Anthony this morning talking about Leif Garrett (if you don’t know who that is just imagine Robert Pattinson, but 30 years ago and with feathered hair), who was arrested again just Monday for possession of heroin. Halperin says Garrett now works as a male prostitute who has sex with female fans for $5000 a session. And Halperin ads that there are several other former teen stars who do the same thing.

This seems incredibly hard to believe, and it’s almost certainly bullshit, but just because I don’t believe it doesn’t mean it’s not true. For example I sometimes can’t believe how sexy I am, but look. Here I am. Bein all sexy.

Like cocaine, heroin is also apparently “a helluva drug.”

UPDATE: Of course, if we’re going to use this website to pimp Leif out, we should probably tell you that he looks like this now.