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By FITSNews || SCGOP executive director Todd Kincannon will step down from his post this week, party officials confirmed to FITS Wednesday.

Kincannon – who took over this position less than two months ago – will remain with the SCGOP as its general counsel and parliamentarian, where he will focus his attention on an upcoming party registration lawsuit.

Former gubernatorial spokesman Joel Sawyer – who has been serving for several months as a consultant to the party – will serve as interim executive director for the next three months until a permanent replacement can be found.

Why does any of this matter?

Honestly, we’re not sure.

Critics of SCGOP chairman Karen Floyd said the staffing move was the latest example of her lack of leadership.  Others speculated that it might have something to do with a botched GOP gubernatorial debate last week.

Floyd backers dismissed those contentions.

Not surprisingly, our founding editor attempted to use the news of Kincannon’s departure as his latest subterfuge for a private, one-on-one “interview” with Floyd.

All we can say is “good luck with all that, boss.”