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lindsey graham doorway

By FITSNews || Honestly, what the hell is it with South Carolina “Republicans?”

For the second time in recent months, a prominent GOP politician is moving into what most S.C. Republican voters would view as uninhabitable territory – namely, ideological ground to the left of socialist U.S. President Barack Obama.

The first example of this phenomenon occurred last May when Obama’s Department of Energy refused to support hydrogen fuel cell research – and yet House Speaker Bobby Harrell and others plowed ahead with a botched “research campus” focused on the technology.

Now, with U.S. President Barack Obama signaling strongly that he would accept an energy bill without a controversial “cap and trade” tax hike, we have U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham blasting Obama from … the left?

“It’s the ‘kick the can down the road’ approach,” Graham told The New York Times. “It’s putting off to another Congress what really needs to be done comprehensively. I don’t think you’ll ever have energy independence the way I want until you start dealing with carbon pollution and pricing carbon. The two are interconnected.”

Seriously, Lindsey … WTF?

“Pricing carbon” means taxing it, and under the version of this legislation that Graham supports, than means a massive tax hike on South Carolina families and businesses.

To his credit, Obama is finally recognizing that this is a non-starter.

Why can’t Lindsey?

Oh right … bedfellows …