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mallory factor

By FITSNews || Mallory Factor … Mallory Factor … where have we heard that name before?

Obviously, he’s the Beltway-bred hoity toity who was one of the key organizers of this week’s botched SCGOP gubernatorial debate in Charleston, S.C. – well, along with Jim Hirni, who Wikipedia tells us was one of the lobbyists convicted of bribing U.S. Senate staffers in the Jack Abrahmoff lobbying scandal.

Believe it or not, these two “Goony Tunes” are apparently BFF’s with SCGOP Chairwoman Karen Floyd and – as a result – fancy themselves as emerging forces in S.C. politics … assuming they ever figure out how to plug in a damn microphone.

Anyway, we’re pretty sure we’ve heard Factor’s name in another capacity, though … but how? And when?

Oh right … how could we forget?

Factor was S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford’s appointee to a controversial salary review committee which proposed huge legislative, executive and judicial pay raises in early 2008, including a 53% raise for legislators, a 47% raise for Democratic Superintendent of Education Jim Rex, a 41% raise for Sanford and a 20% raise for S.C. Chief Justice Jean Toal.  That story – which broke exclusively on FITS (back when we cared about slapping “exclusive” labels on our stuff) – was a major embarrassment for the governor’s office, which had planned on bashing the report prior to discovering that Sanford’s own appointment had endorsed the pay raises.


Anyway, sources tell FITS that Factor – who gave a predictably self-important speech prior to the debate in Charleston – had some trouble lining up paying hosts for this low jump competition. In fact, numerous people were reportedly made “honorary” hosts in an effort to spare the party any public embarrassment after Factor and his Abrahmoff buddy failed to raise enough cash.

So did the GOP meet its financial goals for this debate?

We’re told that complete financial information on the debate will be forthcoming from the party on Monday, so stay tuned for that.