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burning money

By FITSNews || At this point, it’s transparently obvious that the $1 billion (and counting) in federal “stimulus” money dumped into South Carolina’s state government has done absolutely nothing but make matters worse for our state’s economy.

South Carolina’s unemployment rate is through the roof, and its revenues are plummeting – a sign that income levels are slipping as the “Great Recession” enters its third year.

What’s not so transparent, though? Where all of that so-called “stimulus” money has gone.

In fact, according to a new report from a left-leaning advocacy group called “Good Jobs First,” South Carolina ranks among the worst states in the nation in using the web to provide stimulus spending information.

“At a time of intense public concern about the effectiveness of government spending designed to mitigate the economic crisis, states should be maximizing their use of online tools,” the report’s author Philip Mattera said.

We agree … although for vastly different reasons, we suspect.

To his credit, S.C. Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom has been providing frequent updates regarding the breakdown of stimulus funds by state agency, but a project-by-project, dollar-for-dollar accounting of all this government boondoggling has proven elusive.

Also elusive? “Stimulus”-related jobs …


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