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brecke latham

By FITSNews || The former Gresham Barrett spokesbabe who had our founding editor detained in – and then unceremoniously tossed out of – a Capitol Hill office building last September (for attempting to ask a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question) is back in the news.

Brecke Latham – who more than anyone in the history of Palmetto politics has perfected the art of looking guilty – has been hired as communications director for party-switching Alabama Rep. Parker Griffith, who “became” a Republican last month.

Latham left Congressman Barrett’s office in late 2008 (under a cloud of suspicion, we might add) to take a job with Kansas Rep. Jerry Moran, but she has now departed that post after just over a year on the job.

That’s three different Capitol Hill positions in less than a year-and-a-half, people.

Incidentally, five days after our founding editor attempted to interview Latham in Washington, D.C., Barrett mysteriously resigned from his position on the U.S. House Ethics Commission – a move that has yet to be explained.