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gresham barrett

By FITSNews || U.S. Representative and S.C. gubernatorial candidate Gresham Barrett unveiled his big “jobs” plan on Monday, and not surprisingly it included absolutely nothing in terms of tax relief for working South Carolinians.

What did it feature?

A bunch of new government positions, task forces and … wait for it … a “blue ribbon committee” that would study the state’s tax code, which is exactly the sort of taxpayer-funded circle jerk that lawmakers just approved in 2009.

Seriously, does Barrett not read the S.C. newspapers up in Washington D.C.? Or is he busy focusing on other things up there?

Anyway, here are just a few of the “low lights” from Barrett’s big government approach to “economic development …”

* Create a workforce specialist advisory position in the governor’s office
* Create a public/ private training council under the governor’s office
* Create a small business ombudsman’s office in the governor’s office
* Create a “blue ribbon” committee to study the state’s tax code
* Create a JOBS committee to study the state’s incentive packages

Sheesh … that’s a lot of taxpayer-funded “economic developing,” people.

In Barrett’s defense, his plan does propose a spending cap that would limit the growth of state government to “population plus inflation,” although we’ve all seen how easily Palmetto politicians can wriggle their way out of spending caps.

Frankly, we would prefer to see the implementation of a revenue cap that automatically rebated taxpayers if revenues were to eclipse a certain threshold in a given year.  Of course capping revenues doesn’t address the billions of dollars worth of fees assessed each year in the Palmetto State (many of which are targeted for increase this year), so there would need to be some sort of a fee cap associated with the plan as well.

Barrett also proposed expanding public-private partnerships at our state’s port facilities (something we have always supported), although his plan fails to specify how this would be accomplished, and it takes no position on the Jasper County port project – which is something our state should have built decades ago.

Bottom line?

Barrett’s “jobs” plan is only slightly less pathetic than S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster’s proposal, which set a new standard for meaningless political pablum.

UPDATE: For those of you requesting a “side-by-side” comparison, here’s McMaster’s plan. As far as we know, the other two Republicans haven’t offered their specific jobs plans yet.  Here’s a link to Democrat Mullins McLeod’s plan, and here’s Democratic candidate Dwight Drake’s plan.