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By FITSNews || SCGOP Chairwoman Karen Floyd has defused a potential political bombshell by resolving some tax issues associated with one of her former employees.

According to documents obtained by FITS, notice of a federal tax lien totaling almost $37,000 was filed against Floyd’s Upstate public relations firm, The Palladian Group, in April of 2009.

The lien cited unpaid payroll taxes.

Two additional tax liens totaling roughly $6,600 were filed by the S.C. Department of Revenue against The Palladian Group in May of 2009, also citing unpaid payroll taxes.

Also, Floyd was more than nine months late in paying property taxes on her office in downtown Spartanburg, S.C.

The problems, apparently, stem from a personnel issue at Floyd’s firm.

“All of the Palladian Group’s taxes are paid in full,” Floyd spokesman Joel Sawyer told FITS. “Quite frankly and quite simply, there was an employee who was not doing what they were supposed to do, and the situation was rectified.”

Sawyer declined to elaborate on the situation with Floyd’s former employee, but he provided FITS with documentation from the U.S. Department of Treasury and the S.C. Department of Revenue showing that Floyd’s taxes were indeed paid in full.

A source close to the Palladian Group tells FITS that Floyd discovered one of her employees was stealing money from the company, but chose to resolve the situation in a way that did not bring embarrassment to the employee in question.


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