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Black Americans are more optimistic about their progress as a race than ever before, according to the results of recent poll published by the Pew Research Center.

For starters, 39 percent of black Americans say that the “situation of black people in this country” is better off today than it was five years.  Two years ago, only 20 percent of black Americans felt the same way.

“Despite the bad economy, blacks’ assessments about the state of black progress in America have improved more dramatically during the past two years than at any time in the past quarter century,” the report concludes. “Barack Obama’s election as the nation’s first black president appears to be the spur for this sharp rise in optimism among African Americans. It may also be reflected in an upbeat set of black views on a range of other matters, including race relations, local community satisfaction and expectations for future black progress.”

Indeed, the Pew poll – which was conducted in November of last year – found that more than half of blacks (53 percent) believe that “life for blacks in the future will be better than it is now.” That’s up from 44 percent two years ago.

Also, blacks have a dramatically different take on the current state of the recession-ravaged economy.

Specifically, the poll found that the share of whites who rated the national economy as excellent or good has “plummeted.”

In late 2006, 42 percent of whites rated the economy as “good or excellent.” That number is now 7 percent. By contrast, during this same time period the percentage of blacks who rated the economy as “good or excellent” fell by just two points –  from 16 percent in December 2006 to 14 percent today.

The poll, which you can view by clicking the link below, also has some interesting responses on questions of interracial marriage and how blacks and whites view Obama’s “mixed race.”

No word yet on whether Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was one of the respondents …


Pew Poll on Race Relations