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palin on fox c

Sarah Palin has landed a gig as a regular commentator on FOX News, a move that will expose her views to millions of people who hold them already.

Kidding … except not really.

Palin won’t be given her own show at first, but will instead appear as a pundit on numerous existing FOX programs – which if we remember correctly feature split screens and lots of interrupting, which make them like all the other annoying political shows on television, only “conservative.”

Anyway, having decided to no longer be the governor of Alaska, Palin needs stuff to … you know, do.

She’s already written her book, gone on a book tour and done a lot of Facebooking … so why not talk on TV?

Frankly, the more we’re exposed to Palin, the more we think she comes off as a whiny, intellectually incurious regurgitation specialist, although we do give her props for endorsing the fiscally conservative candidate over a status quo, big spending “Republican” in a recent U.S. House race.

Two other things we give her props for?

Her stems.


In case you’re interested in watching, Palin will make her first appearance as an official FOX commentator during Tuesday’s “The O’Reilly Factor.”

The show comes on some time in the evening, we think …