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bile duct

Earlier this week we decided to welcome a new competitor to the S.C. political blogosphere, specifically a “citizen reporter” website called The Nerve that’s being launched Monday by the S.C. Policy Council.

That greeting apparently set off a bit of a hissy fit over on one of the state’s status quo blogs, Wolfe Reports, which lives to obsess over our founding editor’s every utterance.

“If you believe the effluent regularly produced by Will Folks’ bile duct, you would think that the S.C. Policy Council is doing something new and inventive,” the website’s editor Wes Wolfe wrote Thursday.

Anyway, before we could put fingertips to keypad in defense of our endocrine system, our friends over at The Cotton Boll Conspiracy decided to respond to Wolfe’s post.

Here’s Wolfe’s tit (no, not that one thankfully) … and Cotton Boll’s tat

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled bile production …