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Federal agents … mad cuz we flagrant … tap the cell … and the phone in the basement.”

That’s a line from “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” in case you were wondering, but it’s also a perfect description of our life here at FITS …  well except for the fact that we don’t have a basement.

Last month, though, a website called “What The Folks?” (learn more about them by clicking here) hinted that our founding editor, Sic Willie, might be the subject of an ongoing federal drug investigation.

Sic obviously had a little fun with that suggestion, but for whatever reason the rumors won’t die down.

In fact, we continue to get phone calls about a “major media figure” in South Carolina who is about to go down in a “big-time drug bust.”

“Is it you?” is invariably the follow-up question.

Well, not that we know of, but (KNOCK-KNOCK) …

UPDATE: Phew … it was just a Jehovah’s Witness!