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scam alert

The North Dakota Attorney General’s Office has shut down a Kentucky-based multilevel marketing company (a.k.a. pyramid scam) with South Carolina connections.

The office of North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem issued a cease-and-desist order last week against Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing of Lexington, Kentucky for “violations of North Dakota transient merchant, consumer fraud, and home solicitation sales laws.”

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, FITS readers will recall, is one of the pyramid scams promoted in South Carolina by former Secretary of State Jim Miles and his wife, Betty.

Miles was forced to resign his position as Chief-of-Staff to Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer earlier this year for his role in”Senior Scam,” another questionable business venture – one that funneled tens of thousands of tax dollars into a for-profit shakedown.

He was replaced as Bauer’s Chief of Staff in June by Helen Ann Thrower.

“Multi-level marketing” scams are business models that achieve the majority of their profits by signing up new “investors” rather than producing a legitimate good or service.

They promise big dividends down the line, provided of course you sign up enough of your friends and relatives.

While Miles was let go from the Lieutenant Governor’s office as a result of his association with such disreputable enterprises, the University of South Carolina’s Athletic Department recently swept a similar scandal involving a top Gamecock marketing official (and football announcer) under the rug.

Sad, sad, sad …


North Dakota Attorney General’s Release