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jumping doggies

Thank goodness for the FITS mailbox …

In addition to receiving its fair share of hot political tips, juicy gossip and ladies’ undergarments (like Silvio Berlusconi, Sic Willie is a regular p.i.m.p.), our infamous information recepticle is also routinely filled with funny pictures.

Like this sex totem statue, these brokeback S.C. cowboys (or these), a 1970 Strom Thurmond cartoon, or our personal favorite, the “Sybian” candidacy.

Anyway, we just wanted to take this opportunity to thank our loyal army of contributors for taking the time to send us stuff … and to encourage more of our readers to do the same.

The easiest way is to get something to us is via email or through our contact page.  Of course we do have a new snail mail address, too …

P.O. Box 5230
Columbia, S.C. 29250

Now … here’s what happens when one of those doggies lands on its face …


Hat-tip: GK