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roy williams sand in the vagina

Lowly Presbyterian College (from Clinton, S.C.) paid a visit to the sacred Dean Dome in Chapel Hill, N.C. on Saturday, where the Blue Hose of course got their stockings handed to them by the No. 11 Tar Heels, 103-64.

What’s even remotely newsworthy about this routine early season beat down?

Well, UNC head coach Roy Williams – who is apparently past due for a visit to his gynecologist’s office – had a Blue Hose fan ejected from the arena for yelling at his players.

What crude vulgarity did this mindless Palmetto State miscreant utter?

According to witnesses, he yelled out “Don’t miss, Deon!” to UNC senior Deon Thompson, who was attempting a free throw with 7 minutes left in the game and the Tar Heels ahead by more than 20 points.

The nerve of that ruffian!

Anyway, Williams proceeded to downplay his Stalin-esque “heave ho” at a post-game press conference, saying “I just don’t think anybody should yell negative things toward our players using our tickets.”


Williams then threatened to end the press conference if reporters continued questioning him about the incident.  Again, very Stalin-esque … and indicative of a man who desperately needs to have prodigious amounts of sand removed from his vagina.

Seriously, people … is this what college basketball has come to?  A bunch of tanned millionaires having people tossed from their antiseptic arenas for yelling “don’t miss?”

Here’s a video clip (courtesy of local TV station WRAL) of the fan getting tossed as well as Williams’ post-game whine fest …

Editor’s Note: If left untreated, sand in the vagina can lead to chronic bitchiness.