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Once upon a time, the website SC Hotline was South Carolina’s version of The Drudge Report – a news aggregator that drove the state’s political debate and occasionally broke some real news.

Today, it’s been relegated to the dust-bin of the internet –  a sad, sorry place inhabited by a handful of old school Palmetto politicos who just don’t know any better.

In fact, on Monday the website was busy fighting off rumors of its own irrelevance.

From SC Hotline:

SCHotline Exclusive:

Recently we were informed by the who’s who of the business of SC Politics’ of how irrelevant had become … now while most of you know we think less of ourselves to start with than these folks think of themselves, well let us just say it did not sit kindly with us. So if you currently employ these people do not be alarmed, no problem. We will continue doing what we do best, outing the liars and the thieves that proclaim the high ground while making life hard for others and so in the grand spirit of Christmas, well let us just say let the games begin… More to come!

Uhhh … “proclaim the high ground?”


According to the latest statistics from, a grand total of 612 unique visitors stopped by SC Hotline in November – which is basically the number of unique visitors we get each day before breakfast.

That’s sad.

South Carolina needs a real, independent news aggregator – which is what the Hotline used to be.

UPDATE: For those of you unfamiliar with the term, an “aggregator” refers to a website that collects and publishes headlines from other sources. In other words, it’s a lot like the FITS “Morning Blast,” which you can sign up for right here.