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jake knotts

FITS would like to extend best wishes to S.C. Senator Jake “Ol’ Knocky” Knotts (RINO – Lexington), who celebrated his 65th birthday this weekend with a blowout bash.

We were preparing for a family funeral and unable to attend, but believe it or not Sen. Knotts called our founding editor personally to extend an invitation to the festivities.

That’s right, people … and while the Senator’s invitation may have involved Sic Willie taking a nice, long concrete nap after the party was over, it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?

Anyway, as much as we beat up on Sen. Knotts from time-to-time – and as much as we disagree with him ideologically – it’s hard not to like him.

So happy birthday, ‘Ol Knocky … we hope it was “a stone, cold groove.”