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duke energy

With his boss’s plummeting poll numbers showing no sign of leveling off, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s chief of staff, Richard Perry, recently approached Duke Energy for help, multiple sources tell FITS.

Specifically, Perry is said to have gone to lobbyists with the Charlotte, N.C.-based company and requested that additional corporate resources be devoted toward a public defense of the embattled South Carolina Senator.

Hmmm …

While we’re not exactly sure of the legality of such an alleged overture, we are sure that Duke Energy has reportedly agreed to run a fresh series of  “open letter” advertisements from South Carolina business leaders with a “Thank You, Sen. Graham” theme.

Why would they do that?

That’s easy … Duke has tens of millions of dollars tied up in two proposed nuclear reactors in South Carolina, which Graham claims to be “fighting for” as part of his endorsement of a controversial energy tax hike.

In fact, Graham says that President Barack Obama has given him his personal assurance that the White House would support him on the nuclear issue.

“The president told me personally he was very open, that nuclear power would be part of the mix, that clean coal would be part of the mix, that he’s for offshore drilling in a responsible way,” Graham said after a meeting with Obama earlier this week.


Wonder what the radical left that’s been backing Graham on this issue will have to say to the President about those positions …

It’s been a bad few days for the politicians pushing this new energy tax, however, as revelations that climate change scientists deleted and manipulated data have the public questioning whether or not global warming is real.

We’ve expressed our thoughts on the climate change issue here, in case you’re interested.

For its part, Duke Energy has been linked to previous efforts to shore up flagging public support for Graham in the Palmetto State, where polling shows he has become increasingly unpopular among Republicans and independents.

“We are putting an ad together thanking Lindsay Graham for his leadership on climate change,” one of the state’s leading environmentalists wrote recently. “Duke Energy is paying for it and we are hoping to have the 70 most influential people in the state sign it.”

We support nuclear power, incidentally, just as we support the aggressive research, development and implementation of a wide range of cleaner energy sources.

What we do not support, however, is a massive new energy tax disguised as an “emissions cap.”

Nor do we support the federal and state government continuing to use “green” initiatives as the latest cover for growing government at an unprecedented clip.

Graham has also had advertisements run on his behalf recently by groups like the South Alliance – which adamantly opposes offshore drilling and nuclear power, i.e. two of the issues the Senator is trying to use as leverage to forge a compromise on climate change legislation.

That’s one reason why we are highly suspicious of Graham’s evolving position on this issue.