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barnes and noble

Congratulations to Jack Jackson, state director of S.C. Fair Tax, whose email address was selected at random Monday from the hundreds of participants in our first ever reader survey, conducted last week.

His prize? A $50 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble.

Well, alright … Jackson’s name wasn’t exactly selected “at random.” Sic Willie received a call this morning from our fulfillment department, asking him to pick a number between 1 and whatever.

Like the crass, infantile buffoon that he is, Sic of course chose “69” – and then asked the poor girl in our Georgia sweatshop when he could expect his “fulfillment.”


Anyway, Jack is “good peeps” and we’re glad he won – even though under the “Fair Tax” planĀ  his gift certificate is only worth around $37.00 (tee-hee!) …

Hey Jack, don’t spend it all in one place!

Wait … on second thought …

UPDATE: Of course, under the “Fair Tax” plan Jack wouldn’t be paying any income or property taxes … so there’s that!