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eagle scout

It’s a story that no doubt already has Republican strategists drooling … and from what we hear, they don’t even know the half of it yet (no surprise there) …

First, let’s start with the “un-spun” facts … namely that tens of thousands of American Boy Scouts who have earned the rank of  “Eagle Scout” have not had their award certificates signed by U.S. President Barack Obama, as is customary given his role as honorary president of the organization.

From the Grand Junction (Colorado) Daily Sentinel:

Certificates received by Boy Scouts achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank in scouting, traditionally are signed by the president of the United States, but they have yet to be signed by President Barack Obama.

The White House says the situation will be corrected immediately.

The president is the honorary president of the Boy Scouts because the organization was chartered by Congress in 1916. The lack of a presidential signature is a procedural matter, said Deron Smith, spokesman for the Boy Scouts of America.

A “procedural matter?”  One that will be “corrected immediately?”

Hmmm … because in addition to being code words for “ruh-roh,” those excuses sound absolutely nothing like what we’re hearing …

Every President since Woodrow Wilson has signed these certificates, people … and we’re supposed believe that ten months after taking office a “procedural  matter” prohibited Obama from doing the same?

Yeah … we’re not buying that.  Not even a little bit …

According to, “until just days ago, Obama was the first President in nearly 100 years who had personally refused to allow his signature to be affixed to Eagle Scout Award certificates.”

Wait … “refused?”

So what gives?  Was this “procedural” slight against all of these Eagle Scouts really an intentional snub?  Maybe some sort of a sop to a liberal special interest group that hates the Boy Scouts?   Like the Service Employees International Union, for example?

C’mon … surely we can’t be the only new media outlet digging on this story?

Anybody got any news to share?

eagle scout certificate

(Above: A BSA certificate signed by former President Bill Clinton).