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angry on phone

Since S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford’s communications staff has apparently decided to start screening phone calls and hanging up on reporters whose only crime was attempting to bring you governor’s side of the story, it’s become pretty much impossible for us here at FITS to do our jobs.

In fact, after several months of receiving the “silent treatment” from Sanford’s press office (an office our founding editor helped build, incidentally) the only solution we can see to the communications quagmire is to simply encourage our readers to call the governor himself.

Like … literally.

What else are we going to do?  Earlier today (after screening a call from Sic Willie) Sanford spokesman Barton Swaim rudely hung up on sweet Ashley, for crying out loud!

Of course that’s pretty much par for the pettiness course from Team Sanfraud – which is too bad because as much as we criticize the governor around here, we’ve been careful to extend every professional courtesy to his staff.

Anyway, when we say “call the governor himself,” surely we don’t mean “call the governor himself,” as in “directly,” right?

Well, we’re obviously not going to encourage people to call the 803-734-2100 phone number that goes to his overworked and underpaid receptionist.¬† Or the 803-737-4772 number that goes to the Governor’s Mansion,¬†although that number might actually welcome a few late night “ringie dingies” (especially if you have tan lines and hable espanol).

And clearly, dialing the 803-734-5258 telephone number to his underworked and overpaid communications staff isn’t going to get you any answers.

So we’re recommending that anyone interested in hearing Sanford’s take on things call the governor directly (and we mean DIRECTLY) at 843-367-1010 – or at 803-665-0258 if you don’t get an answer on that first line.

Go ahead … let your fingers do the walking, people …

UPDATE: What highly-trafficked FITS article would be complete without a poll letting you weigh in!