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attack of the giant lobster

The Lord, in his infinite wisdom, gave mankind dominion over the beasts of the field and creatures of the deep (including lobsters).  Of course that doesn’t change the fact that we have nightmares (more often than we’d like to admit, in fact) about giant crustaceans rising up out of the sea and destroying the human race.

What … you people don’t have those nightmares?

Seriously, we boil lobsters alive and then we eat them.  You don’t think they’re going to exact a terrible revenge on us?

Anyway, we were forwarded this Lobster-related story from the UK Daily Mail by one of our best commenters, who no doubt expected us to fly into one of our typical tirades against the politically-correct madness of the Bizarro world in which we are currently living.

From the article:

Entrepreneur Simon Buckhaven, 50, has created a device named the CrustaStun which uses an electric current to stun and painlessly kill shellfish such as lobsters, crabs and langoustines.

The machine can knock a large crustacean unconscious in less than 0.3 seconds and kill it in five to ten. Crabs take four to five minutes to die in boiling water, while lobsters take three minutes.

Some believe the noise made by lobsters in the pan is evidence of them experiencing pain, although others insist it is caused by the release of gases under the shell. The lobster’s tail also flaps around as it tries to escape and it dies only when its core temperature reaches 34C.

Nifty … in fact, we’re all for spending trillions of government dollars on some ginormous “CrustaStuns.”  Make ’em as big as airplane hangars.

We’re gonna need ’em …

Hat-tip – Liberty For Me (sorry we let’cha down on this one, man!)