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grooms patriot

As much as we respect his intellect (usually) and support the vast majority of votes he’s cast in the South Carolina Senate, there’s a reason that State Senator Larry Grooms is still a fringe (and some say “Stepford”) candidate in the 2010 GOP gubernatorial race.

And no, we’re not just talking about the massive bank loan he had to take out in order to keep his sagging campaign afloat.

We’re actually talking about videos like this one, which would have you believe that ALL Americans must rally behind Grooms (and give him their hard-earned money) or doom and gloom will surely befall our great land …

Ummm … okay.

Somebody obviously needs to call the Goose Creek High School special ed AV club, people  … they’re going to want their announcer and video editor back.


Anyway, while this “money bomb” video (such as it is) isn’t directly affiliated with the Grooms campaign, it’s obviously reinforcing one of his core branding efforts – namely the he (and he alone) is the “Tea Party” candidate in the 2010 race.

Hmmm … we wonder if Grooms has shared this bit of his voting history with his fellow Tea Partiers?

Because they tend to be an “all or nothing” sort of crowd.

Again, though, we think Grooms is a great guy.  In fact, we spoke with him the other day on an incredibly complicated port-related issue and his immediate grasp of its fundamentals was impressive.  That’s a marked contrast to U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett, who babbles incessantly about the state’s port system but clearly doesn’t have a clue what the hell he’s talking about.  Seriously, Barrett might as well be an inbred Yorkie yapping on command at the kennel club.

Assuming Grooms campaign is legitimate, though, we’d really like to see him start acting like it.

Anybody can yell. Where’s the substance, Larry?

Until then, we’re not ready to dismiss the whole “Stepford” argument …