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mulvaney blasts spratt

S.C. Senator Mick Mulvaney wasted no time in unloading both barrels on U.S. Rep. John Spratt, who cast one of the deciding votes in favor of President Barack Obama’s socialized medicine proposal over the weekend.

“This bill represents the biggest expansion of government in history, it represents the biggest spending increase in history, it represents the biggest intrusion of government into our lives in history,” Mulvaney said.  “There may have been a time when John Spratt would not have allowed this to happen without a fight.  Those days are apparently gone.  South Carolina, and our nation, are worse for it.”

Spratt was one of 219 Democrats who supported the proposal, which passed by a razor-thin 220-215 vote on Saturday.  Thirty-nine democrats joined 176 Republicans in voting against the measure.

Spratt has not put out a statement since the vote.  His office was not immediately available for comment Monday morning.

Prior to the vote, Spratt had offered conflicting, confusing statements regarding his position on the controversial legislation.  He also appeared somewhat discombobulated when asked about the issue at several town hall meetings held in his district in September (click here and here for coverage of those events).

Mulvaney, a freshman State Senator from York County, S.C., announced his decision to challenge Spratt for the Fifth District Congressional seat on Nov. 2.  It’s a seat the Democratic incumbent has held since 1983.

Speculation is rampant in Palmetto political circles regarding Spratt’s future, with many contending that the 67-year-old lawmaker will step down at the conclusion of his term.

In fact, Spratt’s vote in favor of Obamacare is already being interpreted in this context.

“John Spratt officially announced his resignation Saturday,” one Democratic operative told FITS.