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S.C. Rep. Lanny Littlejohn (RINO – Spartanburg) – a reliable supporter of the big government machinations of S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell (RINO – Charleston) – will not seek reelection in 2010.

Littlejohn,67, made the announcement Monday night following a meeting of the Spartanburg County legislative delegation – an assemblage he took control of five months ago thanks to a flip-flop from conservative sellout Sen. Shane Martin (who flip-flops like it’s going out of style, people).

First elected in 1989, Littlejohn has held a seat on the powerful House Ways & Means committee since 2001 – where he has done the bidding of former chairman Harrell and current chairman Danny Cooper, two of South Carolina’s most liberal big government backers.

In fact, Littlejohn has played a lead role in approving several of the largest government spending increases in South Carolina history.

With RINOs on the run throughout South Carolina, however, Littlejohn is the latest big spender to see the writing on the wall – particularly in Spartanburg, once a haven for fiscally liberal Republicans.

For example, the 2008 elections in Spartanburg saw an influx of fiscal conservative lawmakers like Rep. Joey Millwood and State Sen. Lee Bright, both of whom are taxpayer advocates who actually walk the walk.

Of course two Republicans who ran on a fiscally conservative agenda – Sen. Shane Martin and Rep. Rita Allison – have been real let-downs.

Ironically, Littlejohn’s announcement came just hours after the S.C. Supreme Court ruled in his favor with respect to the county’s disputed delegation election.