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canadian money m

Last week, Canada wanted more money to fight terrorism.  This week?  The “Mounties” north of the border are using their money to fight terrorism.


Canada has apparently decided to turn the tables on Islamic terrorists by putting naked women on their dollars – the logic being that Jihadists are not allowed to look at naked women and would therefore be unable to touch (or counterfeit) Canadian cash.

Except not really … this is obviously a joke … because the world (and especially Canada) is not that cool.

Of course, when you think about it what greater love could a man have for his country than to allow naked women to appear on his currency?


Anyway, here are a few samples of the new Canadian dollars … obviously, they are NSFW.

(click on each thumbnail image to enlarge …)

canadian money canadian money 02 canadian money 03

UPDATE: We’ve asked, but there’s no word yet on whether or not part-time Canadian (and former S.C. Board of Education Chairwoman) Kristin Maguire – a.k.a. Bridget Keeney – will be appearing on Canadian currency any time soon.