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sanford oil painting m

The torrid love affair of S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford and his Latin lover Maria Belen Chapur has been forever immortalized by a Columbia artist.

This little gem was picked up Charleston Post and Courier reporter Yvonne Wenger – who happens to be the political beat writer for the state’s largest newspaper, in case you hadn’t heard.

From Wenger’s blog, The Political Briefing:

I was talking to Brett Bursey with the S.C. Progressive Network this afternoon for a story about unemployment benefits when he mentioned to me an oil painting that Columbia’s Alejandro Garcia-Lemos made for the network’s silent auction.

Garcia-Lemos is obviously talented. Notice the details: The script on the bottom of the wine label comes from a 1936 Argentine tango Nostalgias. Transcribed in English, it says “I want to drown my heart with wine … to extinguish a crazy love … that more than love, is pain.”

Wow. Profound.  And here’s the painting …

sanford oil painting

First of all, that’s awesome.  Nice “attention to detail.”

Second of all … to recap … the Charleston Post and Courier is doing a story on unemployment and they’re talking to Brett Bursey of the Progressive Network?

Good God, girl.  That’s like doing a story on NASCAR and interviewing a couple North Chuck gangbangers.

Meanwhile, back on the streets of Buenos Aires, a love struck Romeo, sings the streets a serenade …