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jenny no wedding ring

If there were any remaining doubts as to whether the relationship between S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford and his estranged wife, Jenny Sanford, is over or not – the First Lady seems to have put those to bed.

Bottom line?  You can stick a fork in it.

Mrs. Sanford attended a wedding for one of her husband’s longtime staff members last month – without wearing her wedding ring.

Multiple wedding guests also told FITS that the First Lady repeatedly referred to her relationship with the governor in the past tense, also very pointedly implying to several individuals in attendance that the window for reconciliation in her marriage had closed.

The governor did not attend the wedding.

In the days and weeks following his admission of an extramarital affair with Latin lover Maria Belen Chapur, Gov. Sanford made a big deal about the fact that he was “working on (his) marriage.”  The Sanfords did spend five days in Texas after news of the affair broke – reportedly receiving marital counseling – and they also spent two weeks in Europe with their children on a family trip that was scheduled in advance of Sanford’s dalliances becoming international news.

The governor’s “effort” to reconcile with his wife quickly collapsed, however, and Mrs. Sanford made a very public exit from the Governor’s Mansion with the couple’s four children in early August.

Professing a distaste for jewelry of any kind, the governor rarely wore his wedding ring, but this is the first pseudo-public appearance at which Mrs. Sanford’s lack of “bling” has become buzz-worthy.

Unknown at this point is when – and under what conditions – the Sanfords will ultimately divorce.