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rex winning

It’s been an awful October for S.C. Superintendent of Education Jim Rex … and to make matters worse, it wasn’t like South Carolina’s top Democratic official was starting off the month in a particularly strong position, either.

Let’s recap, shall we?

First, Rex and his buddies in the education establishment got caught earlier this month trying to dumb down South Carolina’s academic standards.

Then, a week later, Rex and the education bureaucracy’s constant complaints about “budget cuts” were revealed to be fiction when a report published by the S.C. Office of Research and Statistics showed that education funding in South Carolina is currently at its highest level ever – in spite of the national recession.

Finally, last week, a new report showed that South Carolina’s graduation rate was still among the worst in the nation – which is consistent with our state’s declining SAT and ACT scores.

On top of all that, Rex failed to file an initial disclosure form with the State Ethics Commission for his anemic gubernatorial campaign, adding injury to the insult of his disappointing fundraising totals.

Needless to say, Rex was in desperate need of a pick-me-up heading into a crucial fundraising stretch of the 2010 Governor’s race … a pick-me-up his friends at The (Columbia) State newspaper, a.k.a. La Socialista, provided Wednesday.

In a banner-headlined “exclusive,” La Socialista boldly proclaims that, according to Rex, he’s winning the Democratic race for governor

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