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bobby johnson

Is it that time of the month up in the Volunteer State?

Seriously, people … a day after University of Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin was reprimanded for complaining about the officiating in the Volunteers 12-10 loss to Alabama, Vanderbilt head coach (and Columbia S.C. native) Bobby Johnson decided to hold a bitchfest of his own across the state in Nashville.

Johnson accused officials of blowing the call on a first half touchdown reception by University of South Carolina wide receiver D.L. Moore.

“I’m not saying anybody’s doing anything subversive or anything like that, (but) in my opinion (Moore’s) foot clearly was on the line after he bobbled the ball,” Johnson said. “After he had possession, his left foot was in the air, his right foot was on the line.”


The call on the field was a touchdown, which was upheld after a video review did not provide sufficient evidence to overturn it.  Carolina went on to win the game 14-10.

“I don’t know what kind of evidence you need for those overrules,” Johnson said. “But to me, that was fairly clear.”

With a combined record of 5-10 (1-8 SEC), we don’t blame either coach for being mad about losing close games, but blaming the officials is weak – especially in Johnson’s case.

We get it, coach.  You lost to South Carolina.  It’s humiliating … but for the sake of your team it’s time to “sac up” and flush out whatever remaining sand you may have in your vagina.

Alright, alright … that was rude.

Speaking of which, we’re sorry about that whole “time of the month” joke, too.  Clearly, Kiffin just needs a diaper change while Johnson needs someone to change his Depends.

Anyway, for USC it’s one whiny Tennessee coach down, one to go …