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Just call them the “Worldwide Leader in Sex.”

ESPN – the world’s marquee sports source – is dealing with its second “sexecutive” scandal in one week, this one involving the network’s top marketing executive, Kate Lacey.

According to the website Deadspin, Lacey has been engaged in a sexual relationship with ESPN programming VP David Berson.  Originally, the network responded by blasting the website for “despicable” rumor-mongering, but then the very next day Lacey confirmed to the New York Post that she was having “an ongoing and known relationship with a peer.”

Sources at the network claim the relationship has been ongoing for the past two years, although Berson’s divorce from his wife was not finalized until March.

According to Deadspin, sources say Lacey “slept her way up pepsi’s ladder and now espn’s.”

Earlier in the week, ESPN was rocked by the revelation that one of its baseball analysts (and former New York Mets GM) Steve Phillips was being stalked by a 22-year-old production assistant with whom he had engaged in a sexual relationship.  Phillips was suspended for a week – oh, and his wife left him.

ESPN is located in the middle of nowhere (Bristol, Connecticut), which many say contributes to the “sexual depravity” of its employees.  Also, the network allegedly has a culture that fosters inter-office romances.

Frankly, based on the looks of the 22-year-old and Mrs. Lacey (full figure below), we think the dudes at ESPN need a refresher in the difference between “hot” and “office hot.”

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katie lacey