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lucky bar exam

The oft-maligned Charleston School of Law (CSOL) posted solid gains on the July 2009 South Carolina bar exam – and this time the school didn’t even need the S.C. Supreme Court to toss out any sections of the test!

Two years ago, CSOL attained a 70% passage rate on the bar exam – but only after S.C. Chief Justice Jean Toal and her colleagues got together and decided to throw out an entire section of the exam.

The result was mass hysteria, and accusations of collusion and corruption that continue to dog Toal and the Supremes to this day.

In addition to some issues with the American Bar Association, the scandal also led to a summit of sorts in Charleston between our founding editor, Sic Willie, and dozens of CSOL students who felt that their degrees had been devalued by our full-frontal assault on the credibility of their institution.

Anyway, that was then …

According to bar exam results released by the Court this week, CSOL obtained a 75.88% passage rate on the latest bar exam results – compared to the historically-superior University of South Carolina’s passage rate of 84.81%.

“Not there yet,” in other words, but CSOL is definitely making progress.

Props to its students and faculty for all of their hard work.  We’ve (obviously) had a lot of fun at CSOL’s expense, and it’s nice to see that all the criticism has resulted in a desire on the school’s part to do better.

That’s what it’s all about, people.

Oh, and to those ungrateful tweeds who teach law at USC, you better hope your students’ digits never “fall below the yellow line …”


July 2009 Bar Exam Results

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