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As far as we’re concerned, U.S. President Barack Obama can keep his “aspirational” Nobel Peace prize.

Sure, it would actually be smarter politics if the leader of the so-called “free” world turned it down (seeing as he hasn’t done anything yet), but whatever … if sucking up to militant Islamic nations (unsuccessfully) is the new standard for being hailed as a “peacemaker,” so be it.

Duly noted.

Frankly, we’d like to see the President of the United States win the “If You F*ck With This Country (Or Our Allies) We Will Blast You Into Indiscernible Particulate Matter” award, but that’s just us.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be much of a domestic market for that sort of foreign policy approach anymore, irrespective of its merits – as well as the historically unambiguous demerits of appeasement.

In another example of the bastardization of logic in the 21st Century, protecting American freedom for all races has somehow become racist – even imperialist.  And standing up for democracy has somehow become anti-democratic, even “un-American.”  In fairness to those who hate us, though, we have allowed Halliburton-style corporate interests to weaken our global standing as the long arm of democratic righteousness.

In addition to spreading freedom and what not, war is a moneymaker – and an oil generator.

But here’s the sad thing – we’ve turned the indignation engendered by this poisoning of America’s global purity into an excuse for inaction – which is dangerous.

We try to fight wars with one hand tied behind our backs, with “sensitivity” to a maze of politically-correct considerations – a flawed, geocentric approach to conflict that is frankly not unique to the Obama administration.

Seriously, since when did America care what they think of us in Tehran or Pyongyang?

Or in Damascus or Moscow, for that matter?

They’ll like us when we win.”

And another thing.  We’re absolutely sick and tired of the radical commies up in Washington D.C. who say that we’re only “blasting” Obama on this – and his radical domestic agenda – because he’s black.

Didn’t “The One” himself (in a rare moment of clarity) tell all you Barackophiles to put your race cards in your pockets?  Do us a favor and follow his advice.

We’re also sick and tired of people claiming that criticism of Obama is some sort of implicit endorsement of the eight-year reign of former President George W. Bush.

It’s not.  We hated Bush.  In fact, prior to America electing a socialist … we had him down as our worst president ever.

Bush’s foreign policy was indeed an alienating “fluff and bluster,” a loud walk that was accompanied by a medium-sized stick … or in the case of one ill-advised aircraft carrier landing, “shtick.”

Foreign policy is simple, people.  America needs to seek peace with nations that support individual liberty and free market reforms, while opposing nations that seek to suppress individual liberty and free market reforms.

When America or one of its allies is attacked, however, there is no virtue in appeasement, inaction or even a “proportional response.”

The response should be overwhelming and immediate, delivered with the “fury of God’s own thunder.”

Of course, they don’t give out Nobel peace prizes for that kind of policy …