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peeler steer

S.C. Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler unveiled his new website last week and yes, there’s a friggin’ cow on it.  Several of them, actually.  In fact, it’s impossible to click on a single page of Peeler’s new Internet home (farm?) without staring at a friggin’ steer from some vantage point.

To be fair, Sen. Peeler is a dairy man.  But wouldn’t his vocation have made, say, these “cows” more appropriate?  Our bet is Peeler would agree with us …

Anyway, our problem with Harvaldo’s website isn’t the curiously placed steers (which we kind of like), it’s the crap that comes out of them … specifically the utter and complete B.S. that Peeler keeps peddling about being a fiscal conservative.


“We aren’t going to grow our economy if we keep growing government on the backs of our state’s businesses and working families. Government isn’t the solution, government is the problem.”

Sounds impressive, right?  And obviously, those are two categorically true statements.  The only problem is that neither of those statements are true when it comes to Harvey Peeler.  Not a friggin’ word of them.  That’s because while Harvey talks a good game about being a conservative, when he gets to the S.C. State House he turns around and votes in lockstep with the RINO wing of the Senate GOP Caucus.

“Reining in government spending, restructuring antiquated agencies and putting government practices under the microscope of public scrutiny are necessary steps toward getting this state back on track.”

Uh-huh … again, dude … show us, don’t tell us (if you can).

Peeler or his steer … which is more full of it?